Beyond ESG: How these investment firms are giving back

At a time of unprecedented interest in ESG investing, a number of investors are taking their commitment to making positive change even further.

Below, ESG clarity highlights how several asset managers champion charitable giving through impactful philanthropic efforts.

Tom Weller, Innovation Analyst at Evenlode Investment

There is a growing understanding of the importance of empowering communities through charitable giving and impact investing. So in 2021, we created the Evenlode Foundation, a philanthropic arm that seeks to bring about positive change and improve outcomes for individuals, communities and the environment. Fully funded by Evenlode Group profits, the foundation engages with charities and businesses working to address global challenges in areas such as climate change, nature, poverty, inequality, science, education and sustainability.

The foundation operates on three pillars: impact investing, charitable giving, and community support. Evenlode Impact is a portfolio of start-ups and nonprofits emerging from science and education to solve complex sustainability issues. In the area of ​​charitable giving, the foundation supports partnerships with charitable organizations that have a tangible impact on communities in the short term, with a view to driving positive systemic change in the long term.

Among the diverse range of charities we support are Blue Ventures, which is rebuilding tropical fisheries with coastal communities, Camfed, which empowers young women to become leaders of change, and Spark MicroGrants, which empowers communities to design and to launch their own social impact projects.

In terms of supporting the community, the foundation also works closely with local charities, educational institutions, clubs and societies close to our Oxfordshire base – including The Oxford Trust, Chipping Norton School and the University of Oxford – forging long-term partnerships in our beloved local community.

Richard Maitland, Head of Charities at Sarasin & Partners

Over the past 20 years, Sarasin & Partners has managed portfolios for over 450 educational, medical, religious and grantmaking charities.

A charity that we have supported for two years is Place2Be, which provides in-depth academic support and training programs to improve the emotional well-being of students, families, teachers and school staff. The charity provides an integrated mental health service in over 400 primary and secondary schools across the UK, supporting a community of around 225,000 children and young people.

With clinical research indicating that 50% of people with a mental health problem in their lifetime first develop symptoms before the age of 14, the work done by Place2Be is essential. To raise awareness of the need to invest in children’s mental health, as well as the importance of sustainability and ensuring a future for the planet and the next generation, we collaborated with Place2Be and the horticulturist Jamie Butterworth to develop a sanctuary garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, called Place2Be Securing Tomorrow Garden.

The garden was developed with input from staff and pupils at Viking Primary School in Northolt, West London, who have worked in partnership with Place2Be for 12 years. After the Chelsea Flower Show, with the support of Sarasin & Partners, the garden is relocating to the grounds of Viking Primary School to provide a sustainable space for its pupils to enjoy for a long time – a living and breathing illustration of our commitment to securing tomorrow .

James Penny, Chief Investment Officer at TAM Asset Management

Our You Give We Give initiative offers our GIA and ISA investors the opportunity to donate up to 20% of their annual portfolio gain to a charity entirely of their choice. TAM then matches that donation with an equal percentage of our annual fee.

So far we have donated almost £200,000 to a wide variety of causes – from small local charities to large international organisations. Our customers have shown a growing desire to contribute meaningfully to a better society, and this simple and effective initiative provides them with a material solution. We’re thrilled with the positive impact You Give We Give has had to date, and look forward to helping more and more charities in the years to come.

We also manage several You Give We Give charity partnerships, working closely with charities to support their campaigns and raise awareness of their causes. Our team is passionate about fundraising and participates in various events including our #TAMPedalforPeace cycling challenge on July 28th.

A team of 24 runners from across the industry tackled a 270km journey from London to Paris to raise money to help those suffering the effects of war in the British Armed Forces through Waterloo Uncovered, and to providing lifesaving aid to Ukrainian refugees via the UK for UNHCR. You can sponsor the team here.

James Lloyd, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Mayfair Capital

All Mayfair Capital employees receive two volunteer days per year to be allocated to a charity of their choice. Our UK Charity Committee is a staff-led governance body that coordinates the charitable giving of Mayfair Capital and its staff. The Charity Committee is made up of five UK employees who meet quarterly and drive staff engagement through volunteer days, twin fundraising and the organization of charity events, actively encouraging personal stewardship goals for all Mayfair Capital staff. Mayfair Capital staff supported 14 different charitable causes in 2021, devoting approximately 100 hours to these charities.

Members of the Mayfair Capital team recently spent the day volunteering with Trees for Cities. The charity works closely with local communities to create lasting change in neighborhoods by revitalizing forgotten spaces, creating healthier environments and encouraging people to grow, forage and eat healthy food. To date, the association has planted more than one million trees.

Mayfair Capital volunteers spent the day with the Trees for Cities team at Crystal Palace, helping to prepare and maintain an area of ​​the park where trees had recently been planted. Duties included watering the trees, weeding the surrounding areas and preparing the ground to ensure the trees stay hydrated over the next few months.

Mayfair Capital’s flagship fund, which manages an £833m portfolio, is invested on behalf of more than 1,200 UK charities. Mayfair Capital also has an annual PITCH Charity Award, designed to support good causes related to the fund, which this year went to the Ukraine Emergency Appeal run by All We Can, providing relief to refugees affected by the war.

Steve Windsor, co-founder of the Atrato group

We aspire to be seen as the Ben and Jerry’s of the financial world: a progressive asset manager with a social conscience. We are committed to donating a percentage of our profits to charitable causes within the Atrato Group; the whole group is committed to donating at least 3%, Atrato Onsite Energy plc (ROOF) is committed to 1%, and we aim for each of our funds to donate at least 1% of its profits to charities charities.

The Atrato Group’s charitable partners include IntoUniversity and The Brain Tumor Charity. We’re swimming a relay across Lake Geneva – a total of 73km – for The Brain Tumor Charity next month, and hope to raise over £6,000. At the investment trust level, we have always donated to industry charities relevant to the areas in which we invest. For example, FareShare and The Trussell Trust are both helping to tackle the UK’s food poverty crisis, and Atrato Capital, investment adviser to Supermarket Income REIT, has supported them since its launch five years ago.

We also encourage our senior leaders to sign up as STEM Ambassadors for STEM learning. Its program aims to encourage young people to progress to higher levels in STEM – which refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects – at both academic and professional levels.

This year, we hope to launch the Atrato Foundation, which will be dedicated to pursuing our charitable ambitions. What charities need are long-term partnerships, rather than one-time financial donations, so that they have some security over their future income. Therefore, when we partner with charities, we commit to three to five year partnerships.