Stock markets were mostly up over the past week, with the US rising 2.1%, Australia +0.7%, Japan +2.1% and China +2.3 %. The exception was in the Eurozone where stocks fell 0.9%. After global equity markets rallied sharply from mid-June to August on expectations of a ‘central bank pivot’ followingRead More →

KYIV/NEW YORK: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange remotely on Tuesday as his country called for billions in private investment to rebuild factories and industries destroyed by Russia. Zelenskiy’s government has launched a platform of more than 500 projects worth $400 billionRead More →

Global stock markets remained under pressure over the past week due to continued hawkish comments from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and European Central Bank (ECB) and lingering recession concerns. For the week, US stocks fell 3.3%, Eurozone stocks fell 1.4%, Japanese stocks lost 3.5% and Chinese stocks lost 2%.Read More →

Appital, Equity Capital Marketplace, announced that it has secured an additional £1.7m investment from Frontline Ventures and various angel investors to bring technological innovation and automation to equity markets. The investment follows last year’s £2.5m round led by Frontline Ventures and additional funding from angel investors, bringing the total investmentRead More →

BudaPart Gate, developed by Property Market, acquired by S Immo. While international, regional and domestic investors continue to show interest in the Hungarian and Central European investment markets, the current low level of activity reflects geopolitical uncertainty in the region; a calm summer is expected in the investment markets. BenjaminRead More →

Some investors have a higher risk appetite than others. This makes certain markets good for this group while those who are more risk averse should stick to other alternatives. We offer five options for each category. High risk options Patient investors can double their initial investment. However, some prefer aRead More →

Previous story: Netix Controls to highlight how iAI/ML-led retrofits can reduce operating expenses and save energy at government-hosted RetrofitTech Abu Dhabi Summit India Joins World’s Largest Equity Investment Markets Forum Appalla Saikiran Named International Partner for India at WBAF Posted May 23, 2022 Through this inclusion, Indian stakeholders like angelRead More →

Historically, investing, building wealth and being ambitious with money have been imbued with masculine connotations, but that is changing, with profound consequences for markets, says Annabelle Williams. Speaking in the latest FTAdviser In Focus Fireside Chat, Nutmeg’s personal finance specialist says that, culturally, women have been encouraged to manage theirRead More →

Weekly Broker Wrap, In short: Debt will double amid rising interest rates, flows downgrade for small cap investment platforms, home goods retailers will suffer from tighter discretionary spending. -Double the public debt in three years to weigh on taxpayers-Small cap investors should expect continued volatility in the market-Discretionary spending onRead More →

Uncertainty surrounding the war in Ukraine led to another week of volatility in investment markets as investors worried about escalating conflict and disruptions to energy supplies following intensified Western sanctions against Russia. Reports of a fire at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant following Russian bombing and the associated risk ofRead More →

There is never a dull week in the financial markets. Especially at a time when high equity valuations are associated with several big macro issues that both traders and investors are concerned about. The main concern in today’s global markets is inflation. Although Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell remains convincedRead More →

Essentia Analytics, which provides behavioral data analytics and guidance to identify and correct thinking biases that impact investment performance, plans to grow its workforce and accelerate research and development following an investment of Northern Trust. Clare Flynn Levy, founder and managing director of Essentia Analytics, told Markets Media that sheRead More →