Entain Sustain: CEO Nygaard-Andersen – “Investment trends are moving in the direction of ESG”

Speaking at Entain Sustain in London, which Gambling Insider attended, operator CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen outlined Entain’s sustainability plans.

Speaking at Entain Sustain in London, for which Initiated in the game was present, the operator’s CEO, Jette Nygaard-Andersen, presented Entain’s sustainability plans.

The key to achieving sustainability for Andersen is to earn customer trust, achieve net zero emissions and achieve change in diversity and inclusion.

She said, “We are determined to lead the industry on a path of sustainable growth. We see no conflict between growth and sustainability, and we can see in many markets how our business can grow responsibly. »

Andersen added the importance of maintaining good relationships with customers and in the local communities in which Entain operates. The CEO announced that a £100 million ($112.5 million) fund had been set up to continue to look after these relationships as well as possible.

For Andersen, ESG is the main driver for the evolution of the industry as a whole. She added: “After speaking with innovators and competitors in our market, the global momentum towards ESG and its celebration is clear. The investment trends are clear – they point to ESG.

Andersen says 90% of investors use ESG as a key criteria when considering investing, and having a high concern for ESG is a top attraction for 25% of potential recruits.

The CEO of Entain then spoke about player protection, through his Responsibility and advanced care (ARC), which it claims identifies up to 90% of problem gamblers, prompting them to set deposit limits.

Andersen said, “ARC combines AI and scientific research to emphasize response to anticipation. The system creates an invisible safety net that provides personalized support. When the ARC sees a harmful interaction, it is designed to intervene.

Andersen ended by reaffirming his and Entain’s commitment to ESG through his global partnerships, such as that with F1 manufacturer McLaren.

However, the operator has some work to do in this area itself, following a £17million settlement with the Gambling Commission in August.