ESIConnect, BBVA’s new platform for investment firms

This new initiative aims to significantly improve the customer experience. Thus, BBVA offers them an innovative technological platform as part of the bank’s digital solutions strategy, and an organization that covers the entire value chain. Thanks to the platform, investment firms can follow all the positions of their clients in BBVA and the entire procurement process. They will also be able to access fund search engines, as well as product sheets and information that will help them in their advice and portfolio management process. This mechanism establishes a trilateral relationship between the investment firm, BBVA and the end client, who is the consumer of the management or advisory services of the investment fund, as well as of the transactional and financial services of BBVA.

After finalizing a agreement with five leading investment companieswith around 1,900 customers and around 600 million euros in assets in custody, BBVA aims to achieve a market share of 10% over the next twelve months.

Alexis Thompson, Head of Global Securities Services at BBVA, said: “This new launch strengthen the presence of BBVA in an industry that in recent years has seen exponential growth in the number of clients demanding management and advisory alternatives based on open architecture solutions”.

Similarly, these clients require that their assets and related transactions be centralized under the custody of a reliable financial institution like BBVAwhose experience in providing this assistance through its Securities Services area makes it a leader in the Spanish market.

Behind ESIConnect, investment firms will find a group of expert professionals in custodial services and liquidation of transactions in financial instruments for institutional clients, as well as a group of asset managers who will provide clients personalized service for the range of banking services and digital solutions offered by BBVA.

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