Increased awareness of new investors on financial health and investment trends

Karnataka, November 18: Business circles are seeing more and more budding new investors jumping into the capital markets with enthusiasm and financial awareness. Alice Blue has consistently recorded encouraging participation of new investors in investment and trading circles. This has largely been possible due to the wide availability of investment and trading guides and tutorials offered on the Alice Blue platforms.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Sidhavelayutham M, CEO and Founder of Alice Blue said, “At Alice Blue, we have made it our mission to secure, educate and make our clients aware of investment opportunities and trading on an ongoing basis. We are pleased that the trading community as a whole is actively involved in educating people about the importance and power of financial investments. These activities have enabled us to integrate new investors on a long-term basis.

Speaking on the performance of markets in India, Mr Sidhavelayutham said: “Despite the volatility in global markets in 2022, which also impacts Indian markets, we hope to reverse the trend by 2023. world, Sensex and Nifty have managed to maintain their run so far with only marginal deviations.

At Alice Blue, the derivatives segments showed decent growth despite the market factors. Commodity derivatives also saw considerable growth in terms of the number of transactions. Looking at the facts and the internal database, the first and second quarters of this year saw an increase of around 36% and 15%, respectively, compared to the same periods of the previous year at Alice Blue. Crude oil, natural gas and aluminum were the most profitable commodities despite supply constraints in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The area of ​​concern, according to Mr Sidhavelayutham M, was the behavior of the FII. He said the majority of FII have followed a herd mentality over the past year. Facts indicate that FIIs have been selling around ₹7000 Crore of equity from FMCG, IT and Finance lately, where Finance has taken the major hit. FIIs started selling Indian stocks last year, well ahead of the US Fed’s quantitative tightening and rate hike cycle, and sold stocks worth ₹174,781 Crore this year alone.

Analysts believe that with India being the only market offering stability and growth as well as the least depreciated currency position, there would be no significant outflow of foreign equity investments in the coming times.

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