Mpact Plastics Wins 2021 IPSA Gold Pack Trophy and Four Gold Medals

“Proudly leaving with four gold medals and the IPSA Gold Pack Trophy 2021 is an honor for which we owe our thanks to our entire team!”, says Neelin Naidoo, MD of Mpact Plastics.

We are extremely proud to have featured prominently at the recent Gold Pack Awards Ceremony, held at the Inanda Club in Sandton on November 23rd.

The star of the show was our new Meat tray PET Ultrazorb, PETZorb® produced by Mpact Versapak. It won 2 gold medals in the categories “Food Packaging” and “Best in Plastics” and also won the IPSA Gold Pack Trophy 2021 residence! It is fully recyclable and can be produced from food grade rPET. It eliminates the need for an unnecessary packaging component, the non-recyclable and non-biodegradable absorbent pad.

Feasibility studies indicate that once the range is fully launched, approximately 20 million fewer absorbent pads will be used. The tonnage of converted raw materials is estimated at 50T per month.

Priced competitively to ensure long-term demand and market acceptance, the PETZorb tray uses state-of-the-art technology that embeds absorption into the tray itself, even when displayed on the sales shelf. retail at an angle. The tray absorbs almost double the amount of fluids over the same period of time as its absorbent pad alternative.

Wessel Oelofse, Managing Director of Mpact Versapak, emphasizes that “Innovation is the only way forward and to ensure that we reduce the impact of packaging on the environment and our employees. We are very proud to win the award for this truly exceptional product which has the potential to change the whole landscape, in this category, in South Africa.

the 750 ml and 1.5 liter 100% rHDPE household cleaner bottles, produced by Mpact Plastics Pinetown, won a GOLD award in the “household products” category, as well as a GOLD award in the “judge’s special mention for sustainability” category. It supports the recycling of HDPE, reducing dependence on virgin materials while creating demand for recycled plastics where infrastructure exists, thereby stimulating investment in the collection and recycling industry and reducing leakage of products in the environment. By producing it as generic packaging, we enable leading brands such as Unilever to support an environmentally friendly packaging option.

Paul Visagie, general manager of Mpact Plastics’ Pinetown plant, explains that “sustainability is not automatic development, it requires intentional innovation and a few courageous steps along the way. The first steps are difficult but, with teamwork between suppliers, processors and customers, it certainly sets the stage for success.

Neelin concludes that these awards recognize the enormous efforts of Mpact Plastics on a holistic approach in developing practical, economically viable and environmentally sustainable solutions that bring South Africa closer to a true circular economy.