Popular investing trends to check out right now

People tend to search for the most popular investing trends these days. This is due to two other trends: the rise of Robinhood and the abundant free time the COVID-19 pandemic has given us. Many have been looking for something to pass the time, while others have found a passion for investing. Some like you are probably just curious!

They are not always easy to find because there is so much going on in the world. Then you add the stress you are feeling right now in your daily life and even the coronavirus crisis. It is still necessary to find the most promising investments. Luckily, we’ve done our best to find the trends, so you can read them all here!

First, let’s see why it’s important to learn about popular investing trends, regardless of whether you’re an investor or just a viewer. Then we’ll jump right into the trends and talk more about them. Later, you’ll see that uncertainty really is the biggest trend in investing right now, and more importantly, you’ll learn how to manage it.

Why follow the latest investment trends?

We’re talking about the most popular investment trends, so it’s no surprise that most of you reading this are new retail investors and are probably looking for a new asset.

This means buying stocks, bonds, and other things that could generate long-term profits. However, care should be taken due to:

  1. Investment projects – People invest in things for different reasons. You need to find the right assets that will bring you closer to your goals. This is why you need to create an appropriate investment strategy that uses the right assets.
  2. Limited funds – You cannot buy all the assets you want. Even if you can, you don’t want to keep the unwanted ones.
  3. Limited time – The most popular investment trends right now will eventually fade. Take advantage of emerging markets early to ensure you maximize your gains.

What if you’re not interested in investing, though? Then these trends can show you how the world is changing around you. Believe it or not, the coronavirus is just the beginning!

Every part of your life and everything around you adapts to it. Investment trends are just one way of looking at this. Think of them as signs of what people want.

People are investing in things that may soon be part of our lives, like artificial intelligence. If you look at trends, they follow. You will get a glimpse of how they will shape the world.

We’re all looking forward to a new normal, but it’s hard to fathom what the future holds. Take a look at these trends and take a look!

The top 5 most popular investment trends

  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. Online storage
  3. Telehealth
  4. Streaming Services
  5. Renewable energy

#1. Cryptocurrency

This is a piggy bank.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are trending as much as the coronavirus. Turn on the news. You can hear crypto updates as often as the CDC reports.

Most people see it as a get-rich-quick scheme, and it’s easy to see why. You may have heard of people becoming millionaires overnight thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Of course, they are one in a million, and most crypto fans are more realistic in real life, and they see this digital asset as the way of the future.

For example, we now have video games that allow you to earn money by playing. Additionally, it allows artists to create non-fungible tokens (NFT) earn more from their work.

In the Philippines, the crypto called Ripple (XRP) facilitates remittances abroad with SBI Remit. On the other side of the world, countries are improving bitcoin in several ways.

El Salvador is mine bitcoin in an eco-friendly way with its geothermal power plant. Also Blockstream Network could soon allow us to spend bitcoin without depending on the internet!

You can invest by directly buying the cryptos, like the surprisingly profitable Dogecoin (DOGE)! On the other hand, you can buy blockchain stocks who profit from the crypto trend.

Read more: How can I trade cryptocurrencies?

#2. Online storage

It's a cloud.

Have you noticed that we store most of our data “in the cloud” these days? Unless you choose internal storage, your Netflix series Spotify playlist is only accessible online.

The “cloud” is just someone else’s computer. In the case of large enterprises, it’s often large enough to be called a server instead. This could be the future of our devices.

With the power of the crypto blockchain, we’re looking for ways to make cloud storage more convenient than ever. Examples include Filecoin (FIL) and Siacoin (SC).

We may soon be living with the next version of the Internet: Internet 3.0. This will be the time when it will be an important part of our lives, and it will belong to people, not to corporations or governments.

#3. Telehealth

It is one of the most popular investment trends.

Have you seen your doctor during the pandemic? Chances are you’ve thought twice about it for fear of catching the virus. If not, your hospital has probably been overwhelmed with it.

This is why we now have Telehealth services. These refer to health care procedures that you can receive remotely through online methods.

They were of great help for those who could not consult their doctor. If it was a mild illness, the doctor could diagnose and prescribe medication while respecting social distancing.

Many companies are trying to meet the demand by creating new products and software. You may want to buy shares of these companies.

#4. Streaming Services

It is a smart phone.

Admit it. You’ve probably spent a lot of time binging Netflix during the pandemic. You’re not alone, though, so don’t worry. You and millions of people around the world have fueled the online streaming industry.

If you don’t like Netflix, you might have watched on YouTube TV or Sling TV in place. Those who are one step ahead might have put all the streaming services on their Roku!

It just made those companies happy. At this rate, we may not need theaters anymore. After all, you can have all of their conveniences in the comfort of your home, but much cheaper.

In response, it might make sense to invest in these companies. For example, you can buy Netflix stock or invest in one of the many mutual funds that hold it.

#5. Renewable energy

It's a light bulb in someone's hands.

US President Joe Biden wants America to embrace renewable energy, and that’s why he allocated billions of dollars for it in his last Infrastructure project.

Various companies could benefit, such as the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. You get tax credits when you buy electric vehicles, making Tesla cars more attractive than ever to customers.

Companies that install home solar panels are another winner in this popular investment trend. Biden wants homes powered by the sun, and these companies can do that.

That’s why you might want to invest in solar stocks. Of course, you should always select the best and click here to find out what it is.

Why uncertainty is the biggest investment trend

This means thinking about the most popular investment trends.

As countries try to recover from COVID, we still don’t know how it will happen. We’re giving COVID-19 vaccines faster now, but it’s still not a safe solution.

Sure, everyone should get vaccinated against the disease, but we don’t know how much longer it could protect us. As of this writing, the Delta Plus variant is starting to catch on.

People wonder how effective it will be once another appears. The pandemic lasted over 12 months because new ones kept popping up after all.

Then add the unprecedented effects of COVID on the global economy. We lack almost everything, and the The White House even issued a statement on this subject!

The stock exchange and the crypto market have continued to perform well during the pandemic. Yet experts are seeing signs that they may be forming a bubble that will soon burst.

This is why some investors flock to Chinese stocks, while others prefer funds like Morgan Stanley Asia Opportunity. However, it is not quite a safe bet as this uncertainty hangs over us.

How to prepare for these investment trends?

Uncertainty challenges all popular investing trends. Fortunately, we could give you ways to adapt to it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Improve your personal finances – Make sure you have enough money during these times. Don’t think about investments until you have enough to meet your needs. Nowadays you can earn extra money by getting a remote work.
  • Pay the debts – Get rid of outstanding balances so you can build up an emergency fund much faster. This money should cover you in case something goes wrong in these uncertain times. Plus, it boosts your credit score, making it easier for you to get funds when you need them.
  • Rethink your projects – Some of your investments may not be able to withstand the coming inflation due to COVID, and their value could quickly decline as everything becomes more expensive. In response, you might want to replace them with assets that could outpace this price growth, such as cryptos.
  • Expand your choices – Why just look to Wall Street and the stock market for investments? You may want to take advantage of mortgage rates by investing in real estate. Otherwise, you can look for diversified assets like exchange traded funds.

Final Thoughts

You’ve seen some of the popular investing trends right now. They are not the only ones, however. Read it other Inquirer articles to learn more.

This article is for informational purposes only. Choose your assets based on your short and long term plans. Only spend the money you are willing to let go.

If you are not an investor, these should have helped you learn more about the changes happening in the world. Maybe you see them in your life too.

Use what you’ve learned here to adapt to the new normal ahead. You may also want to learn new skills or take on new jobs. Read our articles to learn more.

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