Real estate investment trends in Helsinki 2021-22

We can all agree that investing in real estate can be a risky business if we don’t know all the market trends. After all, everything has a season and buying something at the wrong time can lead to disastrous losses. Plus, on the other hand, knowing when to invest could result in generous rewards ripe for the picking. So join us for a quick look at the real estate investment trends in Helsinki in 2022.

A growing investment market

Investing is all about buying when it’s low and selling at the right time, and that obviously applies when investing in the Helsinki property market. Let’s face it, the pandemic has changed the world, including economically, and it will never be the same again. Yet, since everything has an equal and opposite effect, this unfortunate turn of events has also resulted in some of the lowest interest rates for Finland in years.

We are talking about interest rates as low as 0.77% in February 2020, compared to 0.85% the previous year.

On top of that, the Finnish market has seen continuous growth, estimated at around €64 billion in 2018. This is an amount that constitutes 28% of Finland’s GDP. Playing around with these sorts of odds and numbers means there’s a fair amount of certainty and promise when considering an investment in the Helsinki property market.

Anyone can invest

One of the most interesting perspectives when investing in Helsinki is that really anyone can invest in real estate. Since 2020, the Finnish government has ensured that anyone outside the EU or EEA can buy and even share property without needing a permit. Also, since most properties are owned and sold this way in Finland, it’s safe to say that it’s not a bad investment strategy.

Moreover, the metropolis of Helsinki accounts for 30% of the jobs of the population compared to the rest of Finland. This means that Helsinki could be a great place to start investing. It could also explain why many other global investors are investing in the Helsinki metropolitan area instead of greater Finland itself.


As mentioned earlier, investing can be risky, so always do your research before taking the next step. For example, go to places with city data that looks attractive. See what real estate guides say about these places and finally make an informed decision.

Remember that everything has risks; and while real estate trends are looking great right now, everything has a season. So make sure the season is good before you invest because when all is said and done we all want to walk away with a good harvest.